Company History

Chris Roach, the broker and owner of Chris Roach Real Estate, was involved with real estate at a very early age. He started out mowing properties for his father's company, for just 75 cents an hour, when he was only 8 years old. After graduating from Franklin University in 1986, Chris joined Southwest Brokers in Grove City. In 1989, Chris became a broker and the owner of Southwest Brokers. Later on, Southwest Brokers merged with HER Realitors in Columbus where Chris continued as a broker and agent for 3 years.

In 1999, Chris left HER to form Chris Roach Real Estate. Chris Roach Real Estate continues to this day, specializing in residential, commercial, and investment real estate primarily in Grove City and the surrounding area. Chris loves to say that no one knows more about Grove City real estate than him. Along with brokerage, Chris also manages dozens of residential and commercial properties in the Grove City area.

Chris grew up in Grove City and continues to live there with his wife Karla. He has 3 children and one beautiful granddaughter.

Please contact Chris if you have any additional qestions.